LPCCs as Front-Line Counselors for Addictive Behaviors

LPCCs as Front-Line Counselors for Addictive Behaviors with Sean House &
Maria Sadeghi, Addiction & Mental Health Counseling of San Diego

With the changes in health care, and increased requirements for licensed practitioners, LPCCs are in a good position to assume primary responsibility for counseling clients who present with addictive behaviors. While the field of addictions counseling as traditionally been staffed by para-professionals who are restricted to focus only on the addiction, well trained LPCCs can work holistically with clients, addressing the wide range of co-occurring problems that clients typically present. This workshop is geared toward enhancing counselor self-efficacy to see how LPCC training puts counselors in good standing to work as front-line counselors with clients who experience addictive behavior problems.

Attendees will:

Gain additional knowledge on various theories concerning the etiology of diurnal enuresis along with functional and organic causes for urinary incontinence among children
Gain a better understanding of various treatment options for diurnal enuresis (behavioral-based treatment options and psychopharmacology).
Learn about a multicomponent treatment package which takes in consideration the functional cause of diurnal enuresis.

Dr. Sean House is the founder of Addiction & Mental Health Counseling of San Diego. He is a licensed psychologist who became interested in addictive behaviors counseling in 1995 during his master’s degree program in counseling at Eastern Washington University, where he learned the value of integrating mental health and addictions counseling, using motivational interviewing as foundational approach. Dr. House deepened his interest in addictions counseling through studying harm reduction therapy during his doctoral program, and the cognitive-behavioral approach to relapse prevention. Dr. House earned a Ph.D. in counselor education at the University of Idaho in 2004.

Dr. Maria Sadeghi is a licensed psychologist who graduated from the University of Idaho Ph.D. in counselor education in 1998. Her clinical experience has focused on working with clients who have persistent mental health issues and addictive behaviors. Dr. Sadeghi has served as a program director for a dual diagnosis residential program and a residential eating disorders program, as a clinical director for a health-based psychological services agency in New Zealand, as the chief of psychology for the state of Idaho, and as an assistant professor at Central Washington University. Dr. Sadeghi currently provides clinical supervision at two programs in San Diego, and does addictions counseling with Addiction & Mental Health Counseling of San Diego.

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