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Motivational Interviewing within the Context of Masculine Sensitive Therapy

Motivational Interviewing within the Context of Masculine Sensitive Therapy with Robert Scholz, Pepperdine University Counseling Center

This presentation will provide counselors working with men an understanding of the recently updated theory and practice of motivational interviewing (MI) in the context of culturally appropriate, masculine sensitive therapy. Case examples and experiential exercises will provide participants with opportunities to better visualize and practice motivational interviewing skills. The presentation will also offer opportunities for counselors to reflect on their beliefs and practices about working with men, and to consider how they might develop an action plan for beginning to incorporate MI strategies into their counseling practices.

Attendees will:

Learn about key changes to motivational interviewing theory found in the recently updated text, Motivational Interviewing (3rd Edition), by Miller and Rollnick.
Learn three strategies to improve their responses to male clients exhibiting resistance or ambivalence to change.
Be given opportunities to reflect on their own practices with male clients and develop a plan of action to immediately incorporate workshop material into their work.

Robert Scholz, LMFT, serves as the Assistant Director at Pepperdine University’s Counseling Center and as an Adjunct Professor of Psychology in their Graduate School of Psychology. Robert has provided training on motivational interviewing for 10 years, and has co-authored several publications on the topic of engaging men in psychotherapy, including one on motivational interviewing with men’s issues. Robert specializes in counseling men with the problems of addiction, men’s mental health, sports psychology and impulsive behaviors.